Particle and Fluid Simulations & Crowds

This is my Particle and Fluids Simulation ShowReel 2016. A compilation of my best works during the years I have been working as Senior FX Artist & TD in MPC, Passion Pictures and Entropy Studio. Oceans, Seas, Rain, Storms, Foam, Smoke, Dust, Tails, Chocolate, Crowds, Flocking, School of Fish, some Rigging and Crowds. Grooming Hair, Fur and Lighting.

Nowadays I work as Houdini Senior FX TD at Double Negative London.

Esta es mi Showreel 2016. Una selección de mis mejores trabajos durante los años que he estado trabajando como Senior FX Artist & TD en MPC, Passion Pictures y Entropy Studio. Simulaciones de Partículas y Fluidos: Océanos, Mares, Espuma de Mar, Lluvia, Tormentas; Humos, Polvo, Estelas. Chocolate. Crowds: Multitudes, Flocking, School of Fish. Rigging. Grooming Hair, Fur y Lighting.

Actualmente trabajo como Senior FX TD con Houdini en Double Negative Londres.

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Senior FX Artist & TD / Character Rigger