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FX SUPERVISOR | El Ranchito Madrid, Spain
February 2022-Present day

FX Lead “Shadow and Bone” (Sombra y Hueso) serie de TV. 
Season 2 Complete, 2022
Creature Set Up FX TD Particles: “Nichevo’ya”
Houdini Simulations. Setups.

SENIOR HOUDINI FX TD | El Ranchito Madrid, Spain
September 2020-February 2022

FX Lead “Shadow and Bone” (Sombra y Hueso) serie de TV. 
Season 1 Episode 8 “No Mourners” 2021
Creature Set Up FX TD Particles: “Nichevo’ya”
Houdini Simulations. Setups.

Passion Pictures
London, United Kingdom
January 2020-September

Houdini Simulations. Setups.

SENIOR HOUDINI FX TD | Framestore London, United Kingdom April 2019-Present

Houdini Simulations. Setups.

SENIOR HOUDINI FX TD | MPC London, United Kingdom September 2018-March 2019

Houdini Simulations. Setups.

SENIOR HOUDINI FX TD | Double Negative London, United Kingdom January 2017-September 2018

Houdini Simulations. Setups.

SENIOR HOUDINI FX Artist & TD | Ilion Animation Studios Madrid, Spain August 2016-December 2016

Houdini Simulations

SENIOR HOUDINI FX TD | MPC London, United Kingdom 2015-2016

Houdini, Maya and Flowline Simulations

SENIOR FX Artist Freelance | Passion Pictures London, United Kingdom 2015

Houdini, Maya and Softimage XSI. Grooming Hair.

SENIOR FX Artist | Red Knuckles London, United Kingdom 2015

Fluids and Particle Simulation. RealFlow and Maya.

SENIOR FX TD | Passion Pictures London, United Kingdom 2014

Grooming Hair. Fur. Lighting.

SENIOR FX ARTIST & TD| Entropy Studio   Zaragoza, Spain 2009-2014

Particle simulations: Fluids, Water, Ocenas, Rain, Smoke, Dust, Hair Dynamics, Cloth, Crowds, Flocking, School of Fish. Photorealistic Digital Special Effects with Softimage XSI ICE in Feature Films, TV Commercials and TV Series. Stereoscopic 3D Films. RealFlow.

Simulación de Partículas con ICE : Fluidos, Agua, Océanos, Lluvia, Humo, Polvo, Dinámicas de Pelo,Telas, Crowds, Flocking, School of fish. Efectos visuales para películas de imagen real, publicidad y series de televisión con Softimage XSI. Películas 3D Estereoscópicas. RealFlow.

CHARACTER RIGGER TD | Enne Entertainment Studios   Salamanca, Spain 2007-2009

3D Animation Short Film. Character Riggs for Quadrupeds. Dogs, cats, fluffy toy.  Automation Systems with Autodesk Maya. Implementation of Cmuscle in production Pipeline. Developing and Programing Tools for the Pipeline in Mel and Python in the Character Rigging Department.

Corto de Animación en 3D. Riggs de personajes para Cuadrúpedos. Automation Systems con Autodesk Maya. Implementación de Cmuscle en el Pipeline de la producción. Desarrollo y Programación de Herramientas para el Pipeline en Mel y Python en el Departamento de Rigging.

FX ARTIST| Bren Entertainment & Filmax Animation   Santiago de Compostela, Spain 2006-2007

3D Animation Feature Film. FX Department. Softimage XSI. Fluids, Cloth, Hair Dynamics, Particles Simulation. Effects Compositing and Lighting. Syflex and RealFlow.

Película en Animación 3D. Departamento de Efectos Visuales. Softimage XSI. Fluidos,Telas, Dinámicas de Pelo, Simulación de Partículas. Composición e Iluminación de Efectos. Syflex y RealFlow.

CHARACTER MODELLER | Bren Entertainment & Filmax Animation    Santiago de Compostela, Spain 2005-2006

3D Animation Feature Film. Character Modeling with Softimage XSI

Película en Animación 3D. Modelador de Personajes con Softimage XSI


  • Houdini
  • Maya
  • Softimage XSI ICE
  • RealFlow
  • Arnold
  • RenderMan
  • Mental Ray
  • Mantra
  • Nuke – user level
  • Python
  • Mel
  • Dr Dolittle 20th Century Fox, 2020.

  • Wonder Woman 1984 DC Studios, 2020.

  • Fast and Furious: Hobss & Shaw Universal Studios, 2019.

  • The Lion King Walt Disney Pictures, 2019. 

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, directed by David Yates. Warner Bros, 2018
  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout, directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Paramount Pictures, 2018
  • Avengers: Infinity War, directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo. Marvel Studios, 2018
  • Pacific Rim Uprising, directed by Steven S. DeKnight. Legendary Pictures, 2018
  • Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder. Screenplay by Josh Whedon. Warner Bros, 2017
  • Passengers, directed by Morten Tyldum, Sony, 2016
  • X-Men: Apocalypse, directed by Bryan Singer, 20th Century Fox, 2016
  • The Jungle Book, directed by Jon Favreau, Disney, 2016
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, directed by Francis Lawrence, Lionsgate, 2015
  • Spectre (James Bond 007), directed by Sam Mendes, Sony Pictures, 2015
  • EVA la pelicula, directed by Kike Maillo, Escandalo Films, 2011. Goya Award 2012 to Best VFX.  Awards: Sitges, Gaudi, Fantasporto and ScifiWorld Magazine to Best VFX. “Hand Up” System: 3D Floating Emotional Intelligence Software.
  • El Cosmonauta 2013. Smoke. Galaxy. Planets. Rings of Saturn. Asteroids.
  • Todo es Silencio, directed by Jose Luis Cuerda, 2012. Dynamite splash in the sea, water swimming pool, fireworks.
  • De tu ventana a la mia (Chrysalis), directed by Paula Ortíz, 2011. Smoke of steam train.
  • Silencio en la Nieve, directed by Gerardo Herrero, 2011. Throwing pamphlets from the plane in the sky.
  • Donkey Xote, directed by Jose Pozo, 2007. 3D Animation Feature Film. Character Modeler and VFX Artist.


  • Shadow and Bone, Season 1 Episode 8 “No mourners”. 2021. Season 2 complete. 2023. Netflix. Creature Set Up FX TD Particles. New biped Creatures from the Shadow Fold: “Nichevo’ya”.
  • See. Season 2. Apple TV. 2021. Blood, water, traces in the snow.
  • El Barco (The Boat),  Antena 3, 2011-2012. Season 2 Episodes 1, 4, 6, 7. Season 3 Episodes 3, 4, 6. 3D Ocean and Particles, Foam, Ocean Storm, Waterfall, School of Fish, Tsunami.
  • Galerias Velvet , 2013. Crowds in the street.

ADVERTISEMENTS (A Selection of Works)

  • Entropy Studio’s Website Logo, 2009 and 2012. Neuron Particle Simulation and Fluids.
  • Gas Natural, 2010. MultiColor Trails Particles Simulation.
  • Telefonica Bravo Corporative Commercial 2010. ICE Crowd.
  • Rodar y Rodar Productions Header, 2011. School of Fish under water.
  • Cruzcampo cerveza, with Soccer Spanish Selection Team, 2012.  Andres Iniesta Red Trails of Power.
  • La Fabrica de los Sueños, Christmas National Lottery Spot (Loterias y Apuestas del Estado & Grey) 2012. 3D Sea and particles, made with ICE.
  • Champagne Langa Reyes de Aragon, 2013. Fluid and bubbles simulation.
  • MTOP(Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas de Uruguay) Advertising campaign to promote respect for the Highway and Traffic Rules & Regulation 2014. Tsunami.
  • Cerveza TropicalLimón 2013. Fluid with RealFlow.
  • DurexSensitive 2012. Feathers.
  • LaysXtra Cerveja 2013. Particles.
  • Maxibon. 2013. Internal Ice cream fluid.
  • Nestlé Tabletas Rellenas. 2013 Chocolate bar breaking. Strawberry jam fluid.
  • Yogo. 2013. Fluid ice cream yogur.
  • Campofrío. 2009. Dust and Smoke of helicopters and trucks.
  • Aragón TV. 2 Intros Christmas  2011. Rigger.
  • Gerblé cookies. 2013. Flocking birds.
  • Nike “The Last Game” 2014 Grooming Hair
  • Compare the Meerkat tv ad “Oleg’s Journey to Africa Begin, Safari” 2014 Grooming Hair, Fur and Lighting
  • Les Furets.com – “Projet de classe” 2015 Grooming Hair Cat

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