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Crowds Simulations I created at Entropy Studio with Softimage XSI, for TV Series, Advertising and Feature Films.




I am excited to be part of the 2013 Autodesk Post & VFX Show Reel. There are two CG sequences we made in Entropy Studio. I used Softimage XSI ICE with the Simulations when we were working in making several sequences in EVA movie. Mark 01:36. The Cosmonaut Mark 02:46.

Estoy emocionado de formar parte de la Showreel de Post & VFX de Autodesk 2013. Hay dos secuencias de 3D que hicimos en Entropy Studio. Utilicé Softimage XSI ICE cuando trabajé en mi parte de Simulaciones en varias secuencias de la película EVA. Minuto 01:36. Y El Cosmonauta 02:46.


Showreel presented in the Autodesk booth at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas.

Senior FX Artist & TD / Character Rigger

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